Shoots clips, not staples
...installs 1/4" tubing with no chance of damage!

Lightweight and easy to use...

Originally designed to install sensitive coaxial
cable, the RB-2 Manual Clip Gun is perfect for
fastening 1/4" water tubing. It loads like a staple
gun but fires high density polyethlyene clips
with nails - not staples that can pierce or
compress the tubing.

Just load and shoot - the clips
for 1/4" water tubing come in
interlocking strips of 25 clips.
Lightweight and portable, the
clip gun easily attaches to a
belt holder (especially handy
when climbing up and down
a ladder!)
RB Clips cradle the tubing without pinching or compressing,
allowing for the even, unimpeded flow of water. Two
galvanized nails are driven 3/8" into the wood to provide
the holding power needed for a secure installation.
U.S. Patents 4,801,061 &
4, 801, 804. Foreign Patents
Pending and Issued.
   Product Code

for use in:
    filtered water systems

for use on:
1/4" water tubing

for use with:
    RB-2 Tubing Clips

      RB-2 Manual Clip Gun
      Tough, reinforced nylon gun body
      Hardened steel handle and driver blade    
       Box of 1
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