Shoots clips, not staples
...installs 3/8" tubing with no chance of damage!

Lightweight and easy to use...

Like the RB-2 Gun for 1/4" tubing, the RB-4
Manual Clip Gun is perfect for fastening 3/8"
water tubing. It loads like a staple gun but
fires high density polyethlyene clips with
nails - not staples that can pierce or
compress the tubing.

RB Clips cradle the tubing without pinching or compressing,
allowing for the even, unimpeded flow of water. Two
galvanized nails are driven 3/8" into the wood to provide
the holding power needed for a secure installation.
U.S. Patents 4,801,061 &
4, 801, 804. Foreign Patents
Pending and Issued.
   Product Code

for use in:
    filtered water systems

for use on:
3/8" water tubing

for use with:
    RB-4 Tubing Clips

      RB-4 Manual Clip Gun
      Tough, reinforced nylon gun body
      Hardened steel handle and driver blade    
       Box of 1
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