Installation Tips for RB Flush Mount Clips
• For use in both the RB-5 Manual and
  RB-6 Pneumatic Clip Guns
• For use on pipe, tubing and wire bundles
• Manufactured in convenient, interlocked
  strips of 20 clips
Each RB Flush Mount Clip
has two independent,
galvanized nails that
are pre-inserted for
maximum convenience.
As the driver blade
of the RB Clip Gun
drives each nail
into the wood, the
tubing or pipe is
attached to the
wooden surface
without damage
or compression.

When fully seated, the
nails of the clip are
driven 5/8" into the
wood, and the tubing
or pipe is held securely.
The low profile of the
clips allows for a thin
layer of lightweight
concrete to easily
cover the
"staple down" radiant
heating installation.

RB Flush Mount Clips
are also utilized in
"staple up" installations
in which the installer
wants the tubing to be
held flush against the
wood for maximum heat
transfer. In such
applications the
maximum heat transfer
must be weighed against
the chances of
expansion noises.

Properly applied, each RB Flush Mount and RB Stand-Off Clip will hold in excess
of 40 pounds. For most installations, a clip every 2 to 3 feet will be strong and
secure. However, the factors shown below should be considered when determining
the number of clips and/or clip spacing in each particular application.

Type of application
In staple down installations, where lightweight concrete will be poured overall,
fewer clips are usually needed to secure the tubing, as the concrete ultimately
contains the heating tubing. In potable water installations, more clips are
usually needed in horizontal runs, especially when installing 3/4” pipe.

Condition or type of wood
Not only do wood densities vary from soft pine to extremely hard manufactured
joists, climate and environmental conditions such as humidity significantly
affect the holding power of clips. The condition of the wood should determine
placement of the clips.

“Memory” of the tubing
Radiant heating tubing may want to “re-coil”. Application of an extra clip when
fastening tubing around turns will help reduce the problems of coiling memory.

Manufacturer’s recommendation
Pipe and tubing manufacturers often have installation specifications for their
products. These specifications vary. It is advisable to consult with the
manufacturer for product recommendations before commencing pipe and
tubing installations.

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