These high density polyethylene clips:
        • cannot damage tubing
        • provide excellent holding power

No nicking, no compressing, no piercing.
Installations with the RB-2 Tubing Clips for
1/4" water tubing are damage-free! Each clip
uses two nails - not staples - to securely
attach the tubing to any wooden surface.

Staple guns can misfire and allow metal
staples to pierce the water tubing. If fired
too deeply into the wood, staples will also
compress the tubing, so that the flow of
water is restricted.

The RB-2 Tubing Clip surrounds and protects the
tubing without crushing or deforming. Because the
clip is fastened with nails, the possibility of damage
at installation in eliminated.
U.S. Patents 4,801,061 &
4, 801, 804. Foreign Patents
Pending and Issued.
    Code    Description     Code
    RB-2 Tubing Clip for 1/4" O.D
    RB-2 Tubing Clip for 1/4" O.D.
    RB-2 Tubing Clip for 1/4" O.D.

for use in:
    filtered water systems

for use on:
1/4" water tubing

for use with:
    RB-2 Manual Clip Gun

    Clip housing - high density polyethylene
    Nails - galvanized steel    
    Strips of 25 clips
    Box of 400 clips
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