A better product...

          that speeds installation time...

                    and reduces installation cost!

The concept of using a stand-up stapler to attach tubing
is not a new one. But the Reddi-Strip® System is
superior to other application methods for one very
important reason.
The Reddi-Strip® Stapler utilizes
flexible strips of PEX staples that are manufactured in
unitized strips of 50, rather than separately or taped
together. Manufacturing staples in strips cost less,
therefore they sell for less.

Easy to load, easy to use, and easy on the budget...
you save both time and money!

Just load several strips
of Reddi-Strip® PEX
staples, position the tool,
and fire away!

RB-6 Video Demo

The stapler is lightweight yet
strong, with steel and annod-
ized aluminum making up the
body of the tool. A spring on
the plunger controls the
smooth action of the driver
blade, and the "ball" handle is
comfortable in your palm.
The bottom is notched to
align the stapler over the
radiant tubing.

for use in:
radiant heating systems

for use on:
11/2" foamboard
   2" foamboard
   utilizing S5RE-16 Reddi-Strip® Staples

   1" foamboard
   insulating tarp
   utilizing S5RE-13 Reddi-Strip® Staples

for use ONLY with:
   Reddi-Strip® Staples

for use with:
11/2" foamboard
2" foamboard
1" foamboard
insulating tarp
   Product Code
      RSST       Reddi-Strip® Stapler
The Reddi-Strip® Stapler is not
compatible with other PEX staples.
      Aluminum and steel
      5 pounds
      Box of 1
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